Experiencing Anti-Machine Tactics

Jul 25, 2011, 10:49 PM |

Recently I read an article in Wikipedia about Anti-Machine Tactics in which it described a few tactics you may use to beat or resist while playing against a Chess Machine (Software) even with some higher strength. The tactics are like Unusual Openings or Fianchettoing both Bishops or Soft Centre Attacks and trying to penetrate through sides instead.

I gave it a couple of tries. (Unfortunately I didn't save the game file to bring it up here!) and I'm going to say it worked properly against a machine opponent with a higher rating (Above 100 points). I opened the game with a rare and unusual method and I didn't try to attack the centre directly. Instead I used a very soft tactic to attack centre. After a few moves I noticed that the software started to do stupid moves and I could dominate the game easily. I believe if I were a bit stronger and experienced I'd been able to beat more stronger machine opponents this way as these tactics are easy. It just needs some experience.