Slav players MAKE MISTAKES!

Mar 2, 2009, 6:55 AM |

Unfortunatley, so do Queens Gambit players!

I used to play the Queens Gambit and I always remembered not knowing how to play against the Slav. In fact, Slav players always seemed just too good for me.

I have recently started playing the Queens Gambit again and of course, the Slav showed its ugly face again. I mean, there is no avoiding it. My bad habit would just to go into the exchange variation and ''play chess''.

However, I have recently being studying the Slav. Not in a HUGE depth but enough to notice some important points. Slav Players DO MAKE MISTAKES.

Now, lets take a look at some opening lines and see where Black and White has been going wrong.














I want to conclude this short analysis by saying that White players should have more of a go at Black for developing his bishop too soon. We now know that Black should play ...dxc4 or the ...a6 line before developing the bishop. If Black goes ahead and develops the bishop before making precautions, White should exploit this error by attacking the b7 pawn and in some lines follow up with e4 and Ne5 where appropriate. 5.e3 most likely transposes to lines with 6.e3 but why give Black such pleasures.

For further analysis go to NCO and look up these lines for yourself. I hope this has helped some people. Bare in mind, you should be prepared for the main lines in the Slav and Semi Slav... i mean, cmon, you didnt expect that ALL Slav players make mistakes! ;)