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A consolidating weekend.

Feb 6, 2011, 3:58 PM 2

The weekend started early for me. 12.30am to be precise. 30 minutes after midnight that is. I was so shatered from the day before that i went to bed at 7.30pm and woke 5 hours later. I seem to be using chess on this site as an opportunity to do some physical exercise! I use it as a marathon test of endurance. being able to sit on one chair imoveable for 6 hours is no mean physical feat! And certainly I am really tired afterwards. I, however, feel no adverse effect(tiredeness) on my brain or my ability think at all! It is as if my brain has the ability to go on for ever and never tire. It really is my body that is letting my chess playing down! lols! So Garri Kasparov is right when he says you must be physically fit to play strong chess! or to stay at the top! I played a 1699 rated person and gained around 4 or 5 draws in a row at around 5 am. also gained two wins off him. My performace score against him was around 1745 certainly higher than my misearble 1450 rating I had at the time. It is interesting but I limit myself to playing only higher rated players and tat is the only way I can gain points. That is, if I draw or beat them. If I beat a 1700 rated player I get around 12 points. If I beat a 1400 rated person I gain around 8 or 9 points. I cant see how that is correct mathematically speaking. I have also noticed that when you start playing on this site the first few games you gain or loose hundreds of rating points at a time! It seems that the rating points you achieve are basaed on an averaging process. That is it is based on the averge rating of the opponents you have played and not solely on the rating o the person you just played! Correct me if I am wrong on this. Of course I havent read the help files on this so this is an interesting mathematical thought experiment on my behalf. Has anybody else noticed how the site is dominated by American's(USA flag) between the hours of 12 midnight and 6am(GMT)? I played an australian player for the first time at the weekend too. A most exotic encounter! I felt sorry beating him! It might put hum off coming back! I so rarely see Australians! they used to have a strong history of playing chess. I think this was the East European influx years past. Much like the USA post 1st and 2nd world wars where loads of East Europe(including Russia) and Israeli's etc moved to USA. Any way thats all for now. see you all tomorrow. You never know you might meet me in a game! Oh that would be fun! Eeeek!

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