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Four Exercises From Polgar’s Chess Middlegames

Four Exercises From Polgar’s Chess Middlegames

Jun 24, 2017, 1:49 PM 7

Some time ago I did a post on solving four exercises from Panchenko's book. This post is built up the same way, but only with Lazslo Polgar's "Chess Middlegames".

Right now, I am aiming to build the backbone of my middlegame training exactly from these two books. And the method that I am using is "four puzzles at a time" and I will try to take at least more than an hour to figure them out. If I get better, I might go to six (I like even numbers). In comparison with Panchenko's puzzles, I could say that some of the positions were equally difficult (apart from the study which Panchenko casually presented as middlegame defence training!).


Why Polgar's book?


First off, this wonderful book is a gift from my girlfriend which I got this January. It is also probably the scariest book I own. It is written by the notorious Laszlo Polgar, the man who gave chess his three wonderful chess-genius daughters: Judit, Sofia and Susan. Thus, the book reeks of authority and professionalism. It's contents are chess and nothing but chess - diagrams, solutions, themes, no annotations. The method which the book offers could be considered which Laszlo used to teach his daughters - endless amount of instructive, but not easy middlegame positions. However, the book also expects something of the reader. As nothing is spoon-fed, it is necessary to work somewhat independently with the book - which puzzles to solve, how many, in what fashion are the solutions checked. It is no doubt that it would be very beneficial for any improving chess player to go through that book, but really doing it is a whole other story! Anyway, I thought I would make a start. I hope finishing it before I turn 60.


Here are the puzzles, White to Move in each one of them! Try to find more than an hour free time!





I wrote a more detailed review of the book in my blog post. There are also my own thoughts while solving the puzzles and solutions: http://www.reservoirpawns.com/four-excercises-from-polgars-chess-middlegames/ 


Here is the first puzzle set up on my board:



I am eager to see what you guys come up with! Enjoy solving, comments are welcome!

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