General Ideas in Losing in the Scotch Gambit

General Ideas in Losing in the Scotch Gambit

Jan 26, 2017, 8:01 AM |

What is your favorite way to lose in the Scotch gambit? In case you have trouble with deciding, let me provide you with a few ideas!


First stop: 4. .. Nf6 or Bc5?


This the first stop of the Scotch Gambit train. In the position shown above, Black has to make a difficult choice - to go with Nf6 and all its motives connected to the Two Knights Defence or pick the Bc5, with a less clear way to deal with White's center. If Black does not have a concrete plan here, it might definitely serve as a recipe for disaster! Same goes with White, both of the moves need to be analysed if White aims for any initiative from the opening!


Second Stop: 5. 0-0 or 5. e5?


Here, it is White to make the choice! To go for the beautiful flashy sacrifices in the opening?! Which everyone and their uncle knows about, of course ... Or go with the positional 5. e5? This dilemma can definitely be a nuisance. Here is where the Scotch Gambit theory becomes serious. 

Third Stop: 7. .. Bc5


So up until this point, White was more or less making decisions in the opening. However, instead of the more typical 7. .. Bd7, 7. .. Bc5 asks some questions from white. Essentially this is a try to win a tempo in means of not protecting c6 and gambiting it. In some variations, it is preferable for White, but there are certainly dangers lurking around! This is definitely a way to lose in the Scotch for White, if the position above is not made clear!


I have provided a more detailed analysis and my own ideas on this topic HERE (click).


What are the most common pitfalls you encounter in the Scotch Gambit? All ideas are welcome for both sides!