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Light Analysis: Thematic Ideas in the King’s Indian Defence

Light Analysis: Thematic Ideas in the King’s Indian Defence

Jun 15, 2017, 10:43 AM 2

Botvinnik says that before Geller, we did not understand the King's Indian Defence. Well, I have trouble understanding it up to this day! Anyway, I want to share a lightly annotated game which displays some ideas in the KID. 


This game was played in an online chess league I am participating in. Why I found it interesting? Firstly, it featured the KID – my favorite opening! And the thing with the KID is, is that it’s one of the openings you play more or less guided by ideas – the “soul”, so to speak … Very specific variations what you get for example in the Sicilian play a smaller role in making the opening work. Now, it is true that this game has been played by amateurs, such as myself, but with games like these, sometimes the ideas in the opening and middlegame are much more clearly exemplified. And this is exactly why I chose the game. See it yourself:



As you might have noticed, I am using the terms ‘idea’ or ‘plan’ throughout my annotation. This is something I have picked up lately. I am making big reforms in my opening repertoire – studying The Spanish as White and dumping some suspect lines (apparently there is a lot of them!). With that, I am also adapting a new method for learning openings – I will only “memorize” these kind of ideas or plans and form my opening knowledge upon them. This means no memorizing of tricky variations unless it is absolutely necessary (oh no!). It might be that for some players, learning the opening trying to understand the ideas behind it, is indeed the only sensible way, but I have to admit I have done some very inefficient studying with my openings. My love for gambits also has a part in that, where you really have to study these Nxf7 moves or otherwise you are just lost. But it has come to an end! I will write about my new, “saving mental energy” approach to openings soon as I am very excited about it.



As some of you might now, I am also doing a bit of coaching. As so far I am enjoying it very much and we made quite decent progress with my student, So I thought I would be accepting a couple of more! So anyone who is interested, please let me know! Also, if anyone knows anyone who might benefit from my style and dedication, please let them know. Some information about my style, you can find on my blog www.reservoirpawns.com

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