Getting Away From Things

Getting Away From Things

Dec 3, 2011, 9:36 AM |

The grand thing about summer is that so many people take vacations then. Working too long in the same place,

associating with the same people too long, often brings on a strained relationship. We all need to have our environment renovated by a trip away from them.


We are always freshened by new contacts and new scenes. Even the returning to old scenes is stimulating for we always see something new in old places after a long time away from them.


There are certain people who lack the necessary tact of control to live peaceably together for an entire year–and so a separation is always a good thing. Or, at least, a change of scene.


William Hazlitt once wrote that he would like to spend his entire life abroad, travelling, if he could “anywhere borrow another life to spend afterwards at home!” A great many people have felt as this writer felt.


I never leave my home office without the happy anticipation of returning–yet I am always thrilled at the prospect of a change, or travel to a new place.


Getting away from things–especially from worries and problems–gives us all an opportunity to clean out our minds and to rearrange our plan of life. It gives the chance to slow down our activities, or to res tour worn nerves by an antidote of beauty in some natural sport of the earth.


The best invesment that an employer can make in those who work for him is to give them a good vacation. They always come back more efficient than ever–and happier.


We should never run away from any task or problem–but we should get away from everything every once in a while. One of the dominating personalities in American business life, frankly says that he spends very Little time in his office. People can work too close to their work.


Getting away from things is like a cool drink after a long thirst!