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Fair play?

Dec 6, 2014, 10:41 AM 2

It has happend too many times. My opponent loses a crucial piece and disconnects with the clock showing 3 min left, just ticking away. Just 2 more min, another min in a 5 min blitz game. Chess.com notifies me he has violated fair game policy and might be punished, yeah yeah whatever, lets check this guys profile, I think to my self. It shows the whole damn wall full of post from players complaining he disconnects. Why is he not blocked for a year or so? Why the gullable warning instead of real action. Shouldnt chess.com become a bit more severe against these phonies in order to clear this website from sour loosers. Every session, there is atleast one of them. Punks. Well just a thought, carry on folks, the games are waiting. 

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