S.O.S > or Bailout.

Apr 6, 2009, 7:52 PM |

Hi Chess.com / Friends.

S.O.S, I find myself creating this blog in an effort to identify weaknesses either in my game or mind. 

I feel that I lack creativity which is resulting in losses only compared to the current economic crisis (look at my graph). I've always liked to believe that I'm a creative sacrificial uncover the King kind of player but as most CEOs now a days I need a bailout from well Chess.com. I need tips, ideas, HELP! Money in millions would help but seriously. =)

Could this slump be perhaps a result of a years worth of continuous play. How can I be falling behind when my interest is greater now then last year, and to make matters worse I seriously got stepped on in over the board games this past weekend. 

What could it be? Is my game to passive, do I not understand my positional play? Do I not pay enough attention to what my opponent is doing? Chess.com I'm stuck! S.O.S.

My graph below.