The Problem of Pain

Sep 11, 2016, 2:28 AM |

by HJS

In many ways the problem of suffering is more difficult for Christians than for non-believers. Why? The Christian believes that nothing happens apart from the will of God. The non-believer dismisses the intervention of God in the affairs of our world. When suffering strikes, the Christian is apt to think, " God, why are you allowing this to happen?" Yet God hasn't made a deal that says, "OK, if you believe me, I'll deliver you from the pain."

Suffering is not a curse and prosperity is not necessarily a reward bestowed upon the righteous. An equally important truth that flows from the bedrock of God's nature and character is that He is not indifferent to your pain and does not ignore your plea for help when you suffer. We often forget that some of God's choicest servants suffered.

So how do we know that God is not indifferent to our pain and suffering? Two ways: First, the solid testimony of Scripture that has comforted God's people in times of trials tells me that God is not indifferent to my pain and suffering. "In the time of trouble, he will hide me," said David in Psalm 27:5.

Second, listen to the testimonies of God's servants. Read the works of C. S. Lewis and Phillip Yancey. Read about Joni Erickson Tada whose remarkable life is a picture of grace painted on the backdrop of pain. Learn about Fanny Crosby, the blind songwriter who gave us more than 9,000 beautiful songs. Read Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, who spent seven long years in a Bedford jail; the book flowed from his experience, helping us all to identify with the struggles towards the Celestial City. You will learn that God is not indifferent to your need. His Son will walk with you through your pain. 


A righteous man may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all.  PSALM 34:19