The Taxi Driver King

Sep 3, 2016, 6:28 PM |

by HJS

The late King Abdullah II of Jordan had a touch of class that has won the hearts of common folks, myself included. Unannounced the king would slip out of his palace dressed as an ordinary person to talk with his subjects and find out exactly what their business needs are and how they can be met. On one of his forays the king borrowed one of Jordan's bright yellow taxis and for several hours actually drove people around Amman, talking with his fares.

A century ago Mark Twain wrote a novel called The Prince and the Pauper, about a youthful prince who wanted to see how life was outside the palace. he exchanged places with a pauper who looked very much like him; they assumed each other's identities and saw how life was for the other. Mark Twain was an atheist (or so he claimed), yet his story about the prince and the pauper tells the story of redemption about as vividly and clearly as could be done by any theologian.

Paul wrote that He who was Himself sinless - Christ - bore our sins and its consequences, in order that we who were separated from God might be united with Him forever. He became the pauper described in Twain's novel, so that we who are paupers - sinners -could become sons of God.

My hat is off to the Jordanian king who cared enough for his people to rub shoulders with them, endearing him to their hearts. May He who walked among us, who went so far as to lay down His life for us, gain the same respect and love.


God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.  2 CORINTHIANS 5:21