Blitz Cup

Mar 11, 2011, 4:37 PM |

Well, I (#1 after Blitz Cup Qualifying) have reached the Final of the Blitz Cup in our school league (7W/0L/0D). I will play the #2, #3, or #5 seed depending on how the bottom of the bracket turns out...

The Blitz Cup format: Each match is 5 minutes per player per match. 12 players, randomly split into groups of 4. (Group A, B, C) You play all 3 others in your group twice, (one as white, once as black) with a maximum of 6 points (1.0 = Win, 0.5 = Draw, 0.0 = Loss). Winners of groups are automatically in playoffs, with top 2 group winners (score out of 6) recieving 1st round bye in single-elimination playoffs. Next 5 highest point totals in LCQ group (last chance qualifying) with top 3 to playoffs. In playoffs, 1 loss, and you are out.

Well in Group A, I won all 6 matches (by checkmate). I won my Semifinal match (although down a full minute on time; 2:51-1:51) by checkmate. I am ready for El Finale'.




I will upload the video ASAP.