Recent Losses

May 3, 2010, 7:47 PM |

I'm going to chalk my recent losses up to the fact that I've been playing too many games at once and it's left me a little distracted. I have forgotten my own game plan in some of those games. In others, I saw my what my opponent was doing, made a mental note about what to avoid but then forgot all about it later. (Note to self: Maybe you should start using that Notes tab when playing Online Chess.)

I was so happy on Saturday when I finally broke 1,000 and got my rating up to 1010. I stayed at that level for less than an hour. Since then, I've won some games but lost more; I'm back down to 950. I was disappointed at first but, I must remember that I'm learning by doing. Sometimes learning by doing means learning from mistakes.

I expect my rating to be 4 digits again soon.