Scenarios for 2012 World Youth Under 12 Open

GM JMB2010
Nov 16, 2012, 2:53 PM |

 I thought that I had gone to an incredible World Youth last year in Caldas Novas, Brazil. Now I know better. This Maribor tournament is simply incredible. Let me go through the all-star Under 12 Open piece by piece.

First and foremost, of course, is Cameron Wheeler. After a second round loss, he has won 7(!!)straight and is in the sole lead with 8/9, two rounds to go. Hot on his tail, however, with half a point less, is Saveliy Golubov of Russia and Samuel Sevian of, whaddya know, USA! A USA vs USA matchup that could practically determine the outcome of the tournament makes it very tough to root for someone. I can't even begin to predict the outcome, as even though Sam is about 200 points higher, Cameron is basically in superhuman form. Sevian is coming off a round 8 loss, which can scar someone. Even though Sevian managed to bounce back with a round 9 win, I'm gonna go for...

Cameron Wheeler 1/2 1/2 Samuel Sevian

Samuel is going to be gunning for the win, but Cameron, with the white pieces, will be careful with such a great tournament spot and make a draw. He must hope for a draw or a white win in board 2 to keep the lead. Jeffery Xiong is in a do or die situation. He MUST aim to slaughter his opponent. If Cameron wants his best chance to win the tourney, he must hope for the following results if he draws.

Panchanatham 1-0 Golubov

Zhu Yi 1/2 1/2 Puranik

Maghsoodloo 1/2 1/2 Trubchaninov

And with a win in round 11, he wins the World Youth! If he wins against Sevian and the above results happen, he practically clinches the gold! Good luck to all!