Sangli Chess Tmt 2013

Sangli Chess Tmt 2013

Sep 4, 2014, 10:59 AM |

Hi guys!

For self improvement and to learn new ideas from you members :D i will be posting some of games from the FIDE Rated tournaments i have played. So, without further ado, here are the games:


Babukaka Shirgaonkar International Chess Tournament - Sangli, 2013. This was somewhere in the month of May.


In the first round, i was paired against a 1619, and lost (it was my first OTB Rated tmt). Here is the game :

Please Note i did not know ANY theory at that time, therefore all my games were based completely on original thought :D


I went on to lose round 2 to a 1300 against whom i was completely winning. I drew round 3 against a 1500, which took a lot of energy. Now i was 0.5/3. Next game, I beat an unrated, and then a 1300! i was 2.5/5. I lost to a 1400 on an oversight, where i was completely winning. (That happens a lot to me! :D) 2.5/6 - i drew another 1300 in a winning position where he found a perpetual. 3/7 - i beat a 1300, bad. 4/8 - now this game :D

Game 2 was a game where the blunder was not a move! But i won't spoil the suspense :D


Anyways, after being on 4.5/9, i lost the last round game to a strong opponent who had an off tournament. All - in - all, a satisfying first tournament result, in which me and my mom travelled a lot. I was just happy that the trip was not in vain, as i was one of 12 players who completed their rating perf in a single tmt (9 rated games) :D


This tmt's link -


My next tmt's reports coming soon :D