Chess E-Term Day 2: Sacrifices

Nov 11, 2010, 6:56 PM |

(Any readers not in my e-term, just realize this is the place I'm putting some examples and notes for class.  It's not intended to be useful for anyone else, and it's supposed to be pretty basic.  If you see something drastically wrong, let me know!)

Example #1: Using piece values

This is a simple example, where black's c-pawn is threatening white at b2 and d2.  White has two different moves to deal with the pawn.  Which is better?
All things being equal, 1. b2xc3 is a better move because it wins a pawn instead of losing one.

Example 2: A winning sacrifice
Point values aren't absolute, though! There are times when "losing" an exchange on points is the way to win.