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First Tournament

First Tournament

Oct 31, 2010, 9:35 AM 0

The boys and I participated in our first tournament yesterday.   Both my sons were in the Midget section and I was in the Reserve.  My kindergartner took 4th, 2nd grader got an honorable mention and I won one game against a 900+ rated first grader.   It was my first time using a clock and my first time having to record a game. Lessons learned:

  1. I think my intelligence drops substantially after eating pizza.
  2. Just because there is a clock doesn't mean I have to go for speed.
  3. The second grader should be reminded he's trying to check mate his opponent not lose all of his pieces without taking a single of his opponents, which is a feat in itself. 
  4. Remind the second grader that his brother's trophy will certainly be bigger if he doesn't try.

I also bought a board, a clock, and aspen chess club t-shirts for us.  And I was beaten by the Kindergardner again this morning under time pressure ...

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