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The Pressure

Nov 22, 2010, 9:06 PM 2

The Aspen Elementary School chess coach is on the prowl for people to go to Florida for the 2010 National K-12 Championship.  Is it my job as a parent to give them such opportunity?  Would you let your kindergardner travel cross country by himself with the chess team?  We lost my 6 year old briefly at Disney Land roundabouts last Christmas, I'd hate to be responsible for somebody else's kid at Disney World.  It's a 2 day drive from New Mexico, it's a grand to fly the family.  It's relatively inexpensive to stay home and let them play on chesskid.com.   Ahhhh.  What to do?  I have finals that week too...  But the Coach is pretty excited about the possible teams if he could only get all the families to get their kids to Florida.

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