Schliemann Defense Tourney. (2nd)

Oct 12, 2014, 7:52 PM |

I actually won my group for our second round, so I will be moving onto the third. This first game was a quick win on a blunder from a much higher rated opponent. In playing my two games with them, it seems like they didn't know any theory in this opening. A surprise that such a player would play in a thematic tournament without doing any research. 

My second game with this player was later in the round, when I knew that I only needed to draw to win the group. I played passively with a large edge and ended up needing to fight for a draw.

Against my next opponent, I got good opening positions in both games and managed to convert both into wins. My black game is a nice miniature. 


Next are my games against the lowest rated player in the group who, ironically, put up the best fights tactically.

Surprisingly, this round was much easier than the last. My opponents all blundered the games away and I only felt the need to fight in one game. Shame there wasn't much content to them, but wins are wins!