Dec 20, 2015, 4:49 AM |

OK, I have massive amounts of explaining to do about my accounts. Welp, here goes...


So in March 2015, I opened this account, but I didn't post in the forums or anything. I just chilled and played chess. Then on August 2015, I decided to post in my first forum. Although that's not really that important right now. What is important is that one day, my friend stayed over at my house, but I didn't do anything, just stuck around here. She got so mad that she closed my account.


A few days later, I made my James1100James1100 account. I still missed my old account, though. A couple months after that, I got sick and tired of newengland7, so I got my other friend to make an account and get him to unblock everyone while he was still at my house. Both of the accounts were blocked, but not because of the newengland7 trolling, but only because both accounts were created on the same computer.


So, I asked for this account to be unblocked, especially since all my stuff from my James1100James1100 account was deleted. Yes, every single comment, note, and forum DELETED. So sure enough, the guys at HQ unblocked me! Yay!


So that's my story. Don't bombard me with questions! I'm sick and tired of being asked questions. Actually, none of you asked any! (Well, except for you, Arjun) So, don't ask me anything; just look here!