Ponziani (in English)

Ponziani (in English)

Nov 22, 2015, 5:18 AM |

Sorry everybody who read my first blog and was dissapointed that it was in French. As promised I am going to preset this opening in English this will be much more detailled than the one in French and worth the wait. This is the line that caracterises the Ponziani.

Let's see what the position looks like for Black.







If black looked at this move he would dismiss it because of 3.Nf6. Let's look at the main lines after this. The game will be shown from both percepectives so that you get an idea why both players are playing these moves that seem natural to them. Sometimes a board looks totaly diifferent to white nd to black.

The other line doesn't need the same percepective (and anyway I could add it on later just don't have time now).

Let's look at the good line by a puzzle (if you can't find it the answer than  it will be after the puzzle) !

The answer is here in white so higlight it (1.d5 then 2.Qd6)

These are the mai lines. There are many other lines. Here's a position I've met.








Many other lines exist. I will keep on updating this if any other lines turn up. If you have any lines please do post them in the comments. Thank you for reading. Before you leave please do comment if you liked it or there is something missing. I will put games I played with the Ponziani when I have some (I've not played it resently on chess.com).