The search for improvement (in chess)

The search for improvement (in chess)

Aug 31, 2017, 4:00 AM |

One of the difficulties in chess is spending your study time efficiently. I have seen multiple people set themselves study targets and then blog about them and I think that it looks like the right route to success.

The targets help using your time efficiently to target specific points of improvement.

The blogging helps you keep those targets by putting a bit of pressure on you to actually follow your commitements, it also helps you to see your progress.

Here is my study plan :

-I will analyse an endgame position from John Nunn's endgame book (this will help my endgame technique and my visualisation skills)

-I will play a five minute game and analyse it.

-I will go through a middle game book, John Nunn's book or My system (I hope this will improve my positional play).

- I will do five tactics in the 2200 to 2400 range I will take my time and aim to get at least four of them right (this should improve my tactical vision and my calculation)

- I will play daily games where I spend around 3 minutes on a move (this should improve my OTB)

When I do the first four of these activities I will post a blog about them. I am aiming to improve my endgame and positional play I think these are key for my improvement as I'm a player who isn't very attacking so the less blunders my adversaries make the more technique I will need.