Adventure in to the great unknown - V3

Oct 26, 2016, 9:55 PM |

I tried it tonight, from home, on my NookColor Android device ... it is like a Kindle.


First thing I found out was my Nook is too old, and the Android apps no longer exist. At least I can not download any.


Second, I wandered around and was underwhelmed by what I could access.


The bells and whistles did not work for me. I could not find how to even logout, but I did find a button to get back to V2. I know V3 is the future here, but if I cannot access the site, I have no future here.


EDIT #1 - I am making my third venture into the unknown.  This time, to try and play some of my correspondence games.  Question: How does one access the Explorer Database from the individual game screen?