Engine use as a team - how to stop it?

Jun 14, 2015, 10:44 AM |

The group known as Жовта (Річка), based in the Ukraine, has a history of numerous engine users, including its former leadership.  http://www.chess.com/groups/view/content89

It has had two super-administrators and other administrators banned for engine use.  By way of example, in these two matches, my teams Purple Haze and Valhalla played them, and I reported several of the Жовта (Річка) personally, including:

priz-rak, smsgv (former SA), AK-79, seka-2 (former admin), cmcgv (former SA - sock puppet account), PHARAON87, sergei78 (former admin), CROWN_DIAMOND, and in looking over the results pages, several others raise a red flag.


My question is simple, does the site in any way sanction teams like this, by way of putting them on a match ban or vote chess ban?  I suggest, no doubt, these engine users participated in vote chess as well.

In this match against a friend's team, the team Казачий Легион had 8 engine users in 22 boards!  9.5 cheater points. Completely ruined the match - Terrible!!  :-(

I have personally black-listed them (and their two sister teams, "Три Богатыря Київської Русі (East Slavs)" and "Казачий Легион") from all my teams' matches.

But what about unsuspecting teams and oblivious administrators?

I know that there are honorable members of these teams, and I believe the current SA, Timofey Valetskiy, is also honorable.  But the damage has been done, and the trust has been violated.