Enjoy a taco

Mar 28, 2016, 1:30 AM |

I can sympathize with the women on the site who get harassed.

Here was a Trophy and message I just received.  Fortunately, the troll who sent it has already been banned.

Enjoy a Taco

Everyone needs a taco once in a while. So enjoy one from me.

From: BcIuTnCtH

Date: 3/28/16 at Mon 1:07 AM

"LMAO what a moron,,saying the same things over guess it's hard to think with a dick in your mouth and semen in your brain. the only plaything is you,,just lok at the games, i used you again and again as my fucktoy,,you are my woman just remember to wash the dishes after sucking me. hahaha. not sure why you're infatuated with the word mutt, but i can punish you doggy style next time if you really want. hahhaaha. weak trash."

From https://www.chess.com/members/view/BcIuTnCtH (known earlier tonight as "hellhascome" spamming the Daily Puzzle).

This guy is a pathetic loser.  And a coward.

Probably has a micropenis and non-functional balls.