Fat Shaming

Jun 7, 2014, 2:34 PM |

Okay, so I need to rant.  I was just reading an article on Yahoo about a young, Icelandic, female model, who has started a new group to promote "plus size" models.  She is a size 6!!

Size 6??  Really, and that is supposed to be plus sized?  I can't ever remember being a size 6 - maybe as a young teen.  I wear 14W now and am always "aware" whenever I shop.  That is plus size - not a 6!

I realize that I have to lose weight, and have been steadily making progress, for both my health and my appearance.  But I am not morbidly obese (my BMI is in the mid-20s).  There was a topic in which one of the men on the site posted a picture of a fat girl in a bikini.  The image was meant to ridicule.  It shames otherwise happy people.

So ladies, don't be shamed.  At the same time realize that time will take it toll on the body, especially if you are a mother.  Staying in shape is always a good goal; being obsessive about it is not.

Here is the link to the article: "How one group of curvy models is changing the industry from within"


"Inga Eiriksdottir began modeling in her native Iceland when she was just 14 years old. But as her body changed, the modeling industry didn't change along with her. Although she had appeared in campaigns for brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Max Mara and had worked with esteemed fashion photographers including Patrick Demarchelier and Steven Meisel, her agency, Ford Models, switched her over to its plus-size division when she was 21 years old. The 5'10" Eiriksdottir was a size 6 at the time, having started her career as a size 2. Though she saw other models taking extreme measures to stay thin, Eiriksdottir, who is also a trained yoga teacher, refused to put her body through unhealthy regimens in order to be superskinny.

When the plus-size division of her modeling agency was shut down last year, Eiriksdottir seized an opportunity to make her own way and to help change the modeling industry."