Figure of Eight


I have always been fascinated by concept of infinity.  It is one of those things you can grasp, or it bugs you.  It bugs me.  I love numbers; rational, irrational, real, imaginary.  I have always enjoyed math without being real good at it.

I was good in school at spacial relationships.  I did well in college in crystallography.  There is a beauty in Nature and how she made things work.

Some people say that life is a violation of the laws of thermodynamics - specifically "The entropy of any isolated system never decreases."  We can recast that as organized systems tend to become disorganized.  Yet life tends to organize things.  Nature tends to organize things.  Like the Fibonacci series in math and in nature.  Amazing!

Infinity is symbolically represented by the sideways figure 8(\infty).  A never-ending loop.  Like a Mobius strip.  I guess, because just about everything in our lives has a limit, the idea of limitlessness is appealing.

Well, time to stop pondering the universe and get back to work.  Here are some lyrics about relationships:

Well, you've got me dancing in a figure of eight
Don't know if I'm coming or going
I'm early or late, round and round the ring I go

I want to know
I want to know

Why can't we travel a continuous line?
Make a love a reliable covenant all the time
Up and down the hills I go

I got to know
I got to know

Is it better to love one another
Than to go for a walk in the dark?
Is it better to love than to give in to hate?

Yeah, we'd better take good care of each other
Avoid slipping back off the straight and narrow
It's better by far than getting stuck in a figure of eight

Well, figure it out for yourself, little girl
I don't go nowhere at all
It's nothing more than a tape loop in a big dance hall

You got me running in a figure of eight
Don't know if I'm coming or going early or late
Round and round I go

I want to know
I want to know

-Paul McCartney