Go Topless Day - 23 August


I am getting lambasted in the forums because of my avatars.  I have never had an avatar removed by staff for being pornographic, lewd, or inappropriate.

Most of my avatars are cartoon images anyway.  One, an image of an Amazon warrior woman standing over a dead dragon was described and a "big-boobed woman kneeling on what looks to be a very large phallus"!!  Really?  Really??   Sheesh.  (I don't pay that poster much attention anyway - she's an idiot.)

Here's the thing though.  Womens' bodies are not lewd. In my avatars, I don't show humongous, over-sized, enhanced boobs.  I don't show nipples.  I don't show female or male genitalia.

A beautiful body is a work of art.  I'm not proud of mine anymore - Father Time and Mother Nature have caught up with me.  Just the same, I should not be told to "cover up" by  half-wit men who seek to control women and exert power.

I agree on a website that hosts children, pornographic images are damaging.  I report those images.  I get criticized as a hypocrite for doing so.

Women tend to be sexually objecified in many, if not most, countries.  Thoughout much of the world, women are treated as second-class citizens.  Can't drive in Saudi Arabia.  Must cover their faces in Iran, Afghanistan, and many Muslim countries.  Can't vote. Can't hold wealth indepenently.  Are considered so useless, the were to throw themselves on their husband's funeral pyre.  Get blames and in some cases are executed for being raped.

It is a pretty sick world.

Which leads me to this weekend.  Weather-permitting, I am headed off to the beach, sans top.  No one is going to tell me to cover up, or to shut up.  My boobs don't harm anybody.  I will not be shamed for being a woman.

Read for yourself: http://gotopless.org/