I had a good day on Friday

Jun 8, 2014, 11:39 AM |

I was worried when I joined the site that I would embarrass myself.  I had not ever played a game of chess online, and had not played a rated game over-the-board since the early 1980s.

I had played some against a few of the computer games, like Hoyle (which is terrible, BTW), my old Boris (finally bit the dust), and ChessMaster on my desktop (stopped working when I upgraded to the XP operating system).  The truth was, with a growing family, school activities, youth sports, and everything else that goes with running a household and having a career, chess was not too high on the list of priorities.

I missed it.

And now that I am semi-retired, partially because of poor health and partially because of the Obama Depression, and with the kids leaving home and starting lives of their own, I have a little more free time.  And the garden and the yard get old after a while.  So, "Why not get back into chess?" I thought to myself.  It might be a way to have a little fun and meet new friends - that is a win-win if I ever heard one!

So I started looking at online chess.  And here I am.  And I picked up three wins on Friday!!  My rating  begining the games was 1234, based on one drawn game against Alison.

The following is my first win in a rated game in over 30 years!