I have been fortunate in life

Jul 11, 2014, 3:16 PM |

I am not a rich person, in terms of monetary wealth, but I am comfortable after my career.  I was not raised with a "silver spoon" in my mouth.  I have an old china pattern, some inherited silverware, and a garden I call my own.

But, I think it is important, whatever your circumstances, to "give back" to your community.  I do what I can, when I can, at home.  Little things, like baking some bread or making a lasagna for the local churches when they help feed the homeless and poor.  It is not much, but these days, every little bit helps.

I don't see it as "charity."  I think of it as "paying it forward," because the day will come when I am old and infirmed and in need of similar kindnesses.  It's just part of being human.  "Human" and "humane" have the same root.

To that end, with my new-found community here, I would like to help where I can.  I gifted a gold membership to a friend so s/he could work on tactics and improve her/his game.  This person has been very kind and accepting of me, so I am just returning the favor.

We have folks here who live isolated existences.  Sometimes they just need to talk.  And I'm a good listener.  For others, just a friendly, unrated game does wonders - who cares who wins?  Right?

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This game brings people together.  I said earlier that my goals here are to come away with a few new friends.  The chess is almost secondary (though it is feeding old, dormant competitive instincts!).

I remember how good I felt when I got wiped off the board in my first game back by Aaron - 16 moves! - because I had found a new friend.

We humans are naturally social animals.  We generally enjoy one another's company.  I enjoy all yours.

If I am "rich," it comes from the wealth of camaraderie I feel.  When trolls lit into me, I had some defenders.  I found that amazing, because so many of my battles in life have been fought alone.  To that end, I plan to help in those ways I can, here.  I am open to ideas.

Thanks <3 <3 <3