I need some advice from my Scottish friends

Sep 17, 2015, 11:41 AM |

My youngest daughter has her birthday coming up soon.  I asked her what she wanted as a special birthday dinner, and out of the blue, she said "haggis."

It is not entirely surprising, because one of her great-grandfathers was born in Scotland (I have 25%+ Scottish heritage).

Well, I have had haggis before, many years ago.  Got an authentic one from Harrods, in a gut.  The problem with going authentic in America is that food laws prohibit the use of things like sheeps lungs in processed foods.  And, well, I'm not sure I could even find an appropriate gut to stuff (surprisingly though, I can get stuff like that at my local Mexican meat market - ever had menudo?).

So I did the next best thing - I ordered cans of "Caledonian brand" haggis from Amazon.com.  I even picked up some "Uncle Roy's" haggis sauce made with "redcurrents and malt whisky" (imported from Moffat, Scotland).

On the label of the haggis (both the lamb and beef varieties) is a serving suggestion:

We recommend the traditional combination of haggis with "neeps and tatties" - that is, turnips and potatoes. (The Scottish turnip translates to a "rutabaga" in America and to a "swede" in England.) These three complement one another in a magical sort of way.  Served with a hearty brown bread and a good dark ale, Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties becomes a feast fit for a King!

Okay, I'm game, to put together a Scottish meal, but I am woefully ignorant of the best and most authentic ways to prepare Neeps and Tatties, which sort of hearty brown bread to select or make, and what would be an appropriate Scottish ale.