Making the site better

Dec 7, 2015, 1:27 PM |

I will add here some of my thoughts, as an outgrowth of the public forum posting:

In my opinion, people are drawn to the site to both play chess and to socialize.

I enjoy the chess.  The vast majority of my games are the correspondence (online) variety.  My numbers of Live games are few, and I was particularly hurt when the person who I played the most turned out to be an engine user.

That, of course, leads me to this observation.  The Cheat Detection team does an admirable job, but there are too many cheaters.  I have a profile which I have developed which acts as a good first screen for engine users.  I do not know the proprietary methods the site uses to weed out cheaters, but I know that I have made multiple reports on the same person, before that person was eventually banned.

We must acknowledge, too, that there are groups on the site that recruit engine users, and tolerate their presence.  Until the site takes a hard line and starts to shut down cheater teams, and gets rid of the administrators who "look the other way," the problem will continue.

Now we must realize "banned" is a relative term.  Time and time again, banned cheaters have quickly returned.  (I know of one German-based engine user who returned over 10 times.)  It seems to me it was a business decision to not block all cheater IP addresses.  If the site is serious about security and taking a bite out of returned banned cheaters, an IP block is necessary.

A bigger problem, however, is that of the noxious internet troll.  I have blogged about this before - how trolls are malevolent people.

I am not talking about another user who might disagree with your own opinion.  No, the trolls I refer to are here just to make trouble.  They are narcissistic, psychopathic, sadistic, and Machiavellian.

For instance, there is one guy here who thinks "eugenics" was a great idea, but that the Nazis "gave it a bad name."  Eugenics was the systematic elimination of "bad genes" from the human population, either through killing, sterilizing, or aborting those with "undesired" traits.  Really?  It took the Nazis to give that idea a bad name?

Whether they use offensive avatars of dictators, or claim to be "troll hunters" themselves, or basically stalk people with whom they disagree, their intent is bad.  I could easily list 50 names here of members the site does not need (as all they contribute is discord) and should not countenance.  For what it is worth, they won't be posting here.

Common sense correction will allow the site to thrive.

Please post your own thoughts.