Mr Lucky!

Jul 15, 2015, 1:09 PM |

I must say, I was sorely disappointed when HODEMA turned out to be an engine user.  It seemed, for a fleeting moment, we had another Bobby Fischer on our hands - raw, natural talent.

But alas, gigabytes were the source of the genius ... and programming, of course.  Hodema disgraced the women on the site.

But my heart leapt again yesterday, when searching for a coach, I came across as guy who not only coaches, but is an incredibly lucky guy.  There is an old saying, "I would rather than be lucky than good."

I think we have all experienced this at one time or another.  Playing badly and have your opponent time out, or get banned, or drop off the site.  Sometimes, it is just a matter of finding the right opponent.

And Mr. Lucky finds the right opponent in spades! (That is an American-English idiom).

Our guy is "HeatPlayer" (Chandar Raju).  He claims to be a 16-year old Indian boy from Kerala, with an FIDE rating of 2024.

Here is that card:

Who wouldn't want a budding Vishy Anand as a coach?

To demonstrate how good this guy is, he went from unrated in online games, to nearly 1900, in just six games!  Let's look how he got here ...

1) HeatPlayer (1524) vs AbelSaju (1455) 1-0 3 moves 7/8/15

2) HeatPlayer (1622) vs AbelSaju (1445) 1-0 10 moves 7/8/15

3) HeatPlayer (1673) vs AbelSaju (1441) 1-0 12 moves 7/8/15

4) HeatPlayer (1673) vs Abhijith2004 (2159) 1/2-1/2 2 moves 7/8/15

5) Abhijith2004 (2127) vs HeatPlayer (1835) 0-1 6 moves 7/8/15

6) HeatPlayer (1885) vs Abhijith2004 (2116) 1/2-1/2 4 moves 7/8/15


AbelSaju must have felt terribly embarassed by losing these games, because he left the site soon thereafter.  I dont blame him.  But playing fellow coach and FIDE cardholder with a 2047 rating, abhijith2004 (Abhijith Saju) was pure serendippity!!

18-year old Abhijith (aka "Abhijith M" to the FIDE) was able to hold a couple of hardfought draws (2 and 4 moves, respectively) against the new Vishy.