Mr Lucky, Part 2

Jul 17, 2015, 9:30 AM |

It appears that Mr. Lucky (HeatPlayer) and his partner in crime, Abhijith2004, have beat a hasty retreat.  Elvis has left the building, folks.

The coaching profiles on the site for both of these scam artists have removed.  "Chandar" was charging:

1.5 hour 2openings,games,analysing $30.00
2.5 hour openings,games,analysing $45.00

... and you could conveniently use PayPal.  Abhijith offered Skype sessions.  The profiles were virtually identical.  HeatPlayer, Abhijith2004, and abelsaju endorsed one another's services.

"Abhijith Saju" was also using the picture of Israeli Grandmaster Tamir Nabati of Israel ( as his own in his now-deleted coaching profile.

I feel sorry for anyone who was suckered.  You might be able to get your money back, by pointing out the fraud documented here.  But this should be an object lesson for the readers - caveat emptor - check out the bona fides of any coach you might engage.  The site does not endorse or vet these coaches, so fraud of this type is pretty easy.

Frankly, I think the person or persons behind these accounts are not the person or persons named in the FIDE rating cards.  Rather, the purported coaches were charlatans.

Too bad they skedaddled before before the staff processed the reports.  As my friend Elvis said, " should pay us for this"!!  I call it a public service for our community.

And here is a message for the scammers:  Don't come back.  We know how to spot you.

UPDATE: 12 August



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