Mr Lucky, Part 3

Jul 26, 2015, 12:31 AM |

More from the fraudsters:

My lucky Part 3

This is the continuation of my lucky lucky part 2 .There are some cheaters which got forgot.Like:




When 16's account got closed 10 told me user and 16 were his brothers.But 16 told me user was his business partner and 10 was his twin.user told me 16 and 10 were his cousins.How strange.When I contacted support they told they have same IP adress.They even give coaching and telling their Fide rating is  1805 and they have given the same name Pak for each.Check in Fide rating no name with rating is not there.People who took coaching from them refund will be given by't take coaching from them.Ok.Keep in mind.Also not from HeatPlayer.Now I am not his friend anymore.bye.

When the ship is sinking, the bilge rats start jumping overboard.

UPDATE: 11 Aug.  AbelSaju2015 fled the site on or about 03 August.  He left a trail of timeout losses.  The Fun Fun group has been abandoned.  :'(

Abhijith2004, also left a trail of losses, including several to folks who ended up with cheater badges!  It appears to me, that after he manipulated his rating up over 2000, but playing dozens of games again dummy accounts, he was selling wins to low-rated players!  He has dozens of games he resigned after 1 or 2 moves.

Some of those phony games may be against his own accounts, as he continues to manipulate ratings.  I have a list of dozens of accounts that got wins based on collusion - this should be fun ferreting out the real ones from the fakes. :-)

Abhinav2004, who claims to be the Indian Under-19 Champion, appears to be a sockpuppet account.  In any case, he is a con artist who is best avoided.

The site should be paying me for busting all these cheaters!!!