Poke her with a fork - Hillary is done

Apr 6, 2016, 1:35 AM |

This has nothing to do with Sanders winning a bunch of primary elections and caucuses .. it is all about the FBI


This is how the FBI destroys Hillary: The 10 questions that could end her White House dreams


These questions, if answered honestly, would most likely hand the Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders

H A Goodman, Salon.com

The FBI's upcoming interview of Hillary Clinton will be a turning point in the race for Democratic nominee, especially since Clinton won’t be able to speak to James Comey and his FBI agents in the same manner her campaign has communicated with the public. Unlike loyal Hillary supporters who view the marathon Benghazi hearings to be a badge of courage and countless prior scandals to be examples of exoneration, the FBI didn’t spend one year (investigating this email controversy) to give Clinton or her top aides parking tickets. They mean business, and lying to an FBI agent is a felony, so Hillary Clinton and her aides will be forced to tell the truth. The doublespeak involving convenience and retroactive classification won’t matter to seasoned FBI agents whose reputations are on the line; the entire country feels there’s a double-standard regarding this email controversy.

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