Jan 27, 2016, 1:37 PM |

Well, with this current brouhaha, I have come to a conclusion.  Donald Trump is a wussy.

There!  I said it!  "Wussy." (One of the two most dreadful words in my vocabulary)

[Edit - I was accused of using the even more vulgar "c-word" with  reference to a dimwitted woman on the site.  Not true!!  Outright lie!!  That topic had to be deleted by staff, but to be on the safe side, I have edited out the original word I used and replaced it with a rhyming euphemism, in italics.]

I have watch all of the debates - Republican and Democrat.  Even the undercards.  Not every minute of every debate, but close to it.  I want to be a knowledgable voter.

I watch Megyn Kelly on Fox News once in a while.  I'm not a TV junkie - I spend more time on than watching TV.  Sometimes, when I am cleaning the house, I have the TV on as background noise.  That's my TV time.

Anyway, I remember the question Megyn Kelly asked Trump.  It was fair.  It was not one of those cheap "gotcha" questions.  It was not one of those inane "boxers or briefs" questions.

If Donald Trump can't handle a question from Megan Kelly, he's not fit for the office of President.  His temper tantrum at not being able to dictate terms to the debate hosts is disappointing.  Temper tantrums is what I have come to expect from the surrent occupant of the White House.   What a disaster that has been!

Trump likes to think he has the biggest pair of cojones in the room.  'Fraid not.  He is completely pussified.