Two notorious cheats caught in the past few weeks

May 10, 2015, 3:52 PM |

It was just a matter of time, but Dendy1999 and KrokodilDandy have both been banned with cheater badges.

Dendy bit the big one first, but his residence on the site has been a strange one.  At one point his rating was up in the master range, but then he inexplicably dumped hundreds of games in early November 2014.

He built his rating back up, before he was finally nailed.  He lost many of his last 1,000 games on time.

Krok was more subtle in his engine use.  He knew how to game the system.  He will be losing games on time for the next few days.

These guys knew one another - they were part of a cheater clique.  In fact, I had players on some of their teams defend them to me.  Sorry, Dendy and Krok stunk worse than Limberger cheese.

These two were founders and administrators on a bunch of teams named for the Sun and planets in our solar system.  One of my teams played "Sun" in vote chess.

All the telltale signs of engine use were there.  The sad thing is, they will both be back.  They will weasel their was into teams, they will defeat unsuspecting players, they will ruin fair competitions.

As an administrator, I have a duty to both protect and police my own teams.  I am constantly on the lookout for suspect players.  My teams will never be lumped with the "cheater teams" that are so well-known on the site.

I thought Krok had a cool avatar though.  When he comes back, I hope he uses it again. ;^)