When friends turn out to be engine users

Jun 2, 2015, 4:27 AM |

I guess I am a sap.  I have had three friends on the site, who I have played against, turn out to be engine users.  It is sort of shocking to me, because they were nice people in chat and in messages (well, two were - the third, Morris, was sort of a creep).

I did not even think to check my losses to them at the time - I was too trusting.  In one of my first blog entries I wrote that I could not fathom why a person would cheat.  Even more unthinkable is being cheated by a friend.

I just checked this game, a 14-day per move rated game (a time frame I rarely accept, but I wanted to do my friend a favor).  I played about as well as I could, but the game deteriorated starting with my 26th move (a mistake).

26 Mistake - best move was g4

27 Inaccuracy - best move was c4.

29 Inaccuracy - best move was Rd3.

30 Inaccuracy - best move was Rd3.

34 Inaccuracy - best move was c4.


To my shock, this was the game summary:

JamieDelarosa (1771): 4 inaccuracies, 1 mistakes, 0 blunders, 16 average centipawn loss

Ultor1 (1846): 0 inaccuracies, 0 mistakes, 0 blunders, 6 average centipawn loss

He played a "perfect game."  Perhaps it was a great effort, and no engine was involved.  It is possible.  My games don't have great depth and astounding concepts, because I am not that good.

It's funny, if Ultor1, came back to the site, I would still feel friendly toward him.  I think that I would want to know what his motvation was, but I would have a hard time holding a grudge.  He seemed like a nice guy.

It's confirmed, I am a sap.