Why I need to leave the site

Jun 18, 2015, 2:49 PM |

Given the current situation, where staff refuses to act to protect the site from trolls, spammers, and terrorists, I will no longer economically contribute to the site.  I can not, in good conscience, remain here when a 16-year old punk can make threats of "extermination" and basically walk scot-free.

The staff manager cites a policy of non-interference:

"We never take actions in internal group politics. Those “cultures” are self moderated by their SA’s. Many of the groups on chess.com are peaceful. You may want to join one of those.

We created these to be safe havens for people to run them how they want to. Chess.com cannot go back on it’s promise to leave these as self moderated."

This policy does not apply here, and the use of it is really just a dodge for having to act responsibly to protect the membership.  There is no "safe haven" from a self-admitted hacker.

R-B, the predator, was never a member of the Crimson Rhapsody team, and had been booted from Purple Haze.  I can not speak for the other teams he has terrorized lately.  But it is easy to see this is not "internal group politics."

I am an administrator at a team that booted him several weeks ago - Israel Supporters. In the community of Jews and their supporters, we take the threat of "extermination" seriously.  Who knows what R-B, a practiced liar, will do?

I will take tonight to tie up lose ends.  But staying is untenable with R-B, and his several sockpuppet accounts, on the loose.  It has come to head, and I will walk away.