How to improve my chess?

How to improve my chess?

Apr 15, 2017, 2:21 PM |

Before I start I want to apologize for my English. This is one of the reason`s why I start post`s too, I want to improve my writing skills too.

I`m from Poland, my real rating is not so relevant (now is +2100)  I love this game but sadly I have no time now to play regularly, this is main reason why I mainly play here, on a corr. games. Yes, I believe I can improve my chess by playing on the internet! Which include a rapid too. Why not?! 

How I do it? 

Ok, les`t begin from the start. 

Opening - I want to master my repertoire which I choose after few years of searching. I think I find opening which suits my style. 

Middlegame - mainly I want to master Jeremy Silman`s point of view. Yes, imbalance and work on tactics. 

Endgame - Study classical games. 

In this first post I want to focus on the first factor and I want to ask what you think about my choose. 

So lets begin. 


1.e4! - yes, I give a ! mark, why? I`m sure this help me improve my chess much more than another moves which I believe are good too. And I want to focus on one move.


If 1.e4.

Here I have two choices: 1...e5 - mainly I like to play Ruy Lopez with black and this can help with better understanding this game. 

Second choice is 1...c5! - yes, I think this is needed when is must win situation. And give plenty of fun wink.png - Najdorf is my choice. 

If 1.d4 I want to master a QDG and Nimzo. But maybe I should focus on one first?! 

I hope you give my some suggestions and help me improve my chess skills.