How to improve my chess? Part II

How to improve my chess? Part II

Apr 16, 2017, 12:46 AM |

Good morning! 

When yesterday I post my first post after that I was a little-bit disappoint, but anyway I post it. 

Now I want to clearance some thinks. 

I hope this blog help me to improve my game and the same time... I hope I can help you too! 

This blog will be my point of view on chess. 

And I want to start with one of my last games and maybe show you my main weekness.

This is rapid game but still I have feeling, especially nowdays when time control is shorter (watch Zurich) it can help to develop some skill, mainly middlegame and easy tactics. 

What can I learn from this game? I hope this line next time will be played better. I hope next time I think twice before I take something. I hope one day Silman see this game and help me understand why I miss this brillant (in fact quite easy) tactics before last move.  


A little notes: Last time I train the endgame, this is a reason why I took on d7, and now, I`m not afraid to play even a worsts positions like after 15...Nc4 which looks good for black too. But... where is this Peakaboo?! 


Nf3!! gays! Peekaboo! 0-1