Opening play Part II. What to play against 1.e4?

Opening play Part II. What to play against 1.e4?

May 8, 2017, 10:35 AM |


Today I want to share my view on opening for black. And I want to show simple fact: black is OK!

First of all. From start my chess carrier (well, this is to much saying carrier but... still few tournaments I played) I was afraid when I play with black pieces. Especially whey I play against 1.e4.

My first opening was: Sicilian. Why? When I start to play chess it was no. 1 opening! (yes, for today in fact its no. 1) Everyone play it. Is good?! Its perfect opening!

But one day I stop it.

And start to play a 1...e5!

(exclamation mark is my and still I believe this move deserve this mark!)

Why? Like Karpov say: If you want to play better, play a Ruy Lopez.

And this is my answer for you. If you want to play better... play 1...e5 and c5!

Yes! This two opening are the best!

But why?! See you in next part on 1.e4!

I hope for some questions and some ideas, why know, maybe I`m wrong wink.png