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Coach University

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Hi all,
JapaneseTutor here. As confusing as it may be, yes, I am a chess coach. I have taught chess for over 13 years and to over 5000 students worldwide. One of the things that I love seeing is that face/sound people make when they finally get something, I live for that moment and strive to get that reaction every lesson. I am but one person and cannot teach everyone by myself(as amazing as that sounds it is sadly impossible )
This is where the idea for Coach University started. I believe that we all want to be great at what we do and this show is here to help and I am here to help! I will share my knowledge of teaching and different techniques that I have picked up over the years. For some teachers, the material that I will cover in the show might be something that you already do but I believe that seeing a different perspective on things can only benefit you!
This is meant to help you so please come to the show on October 28th at 4 PM PT(just a random date and time) and ask questions! The more you ask the more you will get out of this initiative.
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I am a Chess Coach who wants the world to learn chess for free! Here is my Youtube for Free Lessons: My blogs are for the person who wants to take their chess seriously and are willing to put in a little work. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs!