The Refutation to the C3 Sicilian/Smith-Morra

The Refutation to the C3 Sicilian/Smith-Morra


Hi all,

A blog twice in one week?

I know, it seems strange but since I am practising/studying for the World Open, I thought I'd share a nice line I came across.

Click here for the Video:

Make sure to watch the different lines that we go over. Each game has its own nuance and must be played with extreme care.

I am always looking at chess but since I received the opportunity to go to the World Open, I wanted to focus on the areas that I want to improve in. The one thing I am studying the most these days is Pawn Structure. I am going through Andrew Soltis' book( A lot of the ideas are foreign to me. I know how a good/bad structure and how to create some bad structures. However, I have never once stopped to think, what makes this good or bad? The book does an amazing job of identifying plans and is full of ideas that both sides should go for. I am going through this book live usually around 9 PM EST at , I'll be glad to see you guys there. On a side note, if you cannot make it to the live lesson you can watch the Pawn Structure playlist here: Pawn Structure Playlist

The one thing I really wanted to work on was how to play against the Smith-Morra gambit(the line I play transposes from the Smith-Morra to the c3 Sicilian) I would always lose game after game and no matter how much I studied that was the one opening I detested( I don't count the Exchange French because that's not really an opening) 

The video is pretty dry because I didn't think I would upload this but the content is worth its weight in gold. I finally found a line that worked for me and I am extremely happy to share it with everyone reading this blog post! 

Check out the Anti-Morra study session:

Thank you all for reading this until the end and until next time!