Spell Chess Opening Theory

Spell Chess Opening Theory

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In the last post, I recommended Black respond to 1.e4 with 1.Nc6. I now think 1.Nc6 doesn't work at all. (You will need to visualize a bit, and you will also need to forgive some places where I inserted some nonsense chess moves to get to Spell Chess positions.)

So what's better, 1...c6, 1...e6, or 1...e5? In such a tactically sharp variant, I'm suspicious of 1...e5. But it's alright. 

If you prefer a less symmetrical game, 1...c6 is better. There are some positions where as Black, it is very hard to find a move. 

There is an 1...e6 line which is independent from the 1...c6 lines. However, I don't recommend it. 

This is pretty much all the theory I've got so far. If you have any questions or lines that you are struggling with, I'll try to help. Although I'd like to see this post be a place where we can discuss lines, because there's still a lot I'm unsure about.