In Honor of Billy Graham

In Honor of Billy Graham

Feb 22, 2018, 10:35 AM |

I wrote this poem in honor of the late Rev. Billy Graham. I hope you like it.


                                 Rev. Billy Graham

               November 7th, 1918-February 21st, 2018

The true wise man asks this each day,

"Worth what is the glory, Worth what is the fame?"

It is all blown away like the leaves in Fall

So then, what purpose will outlast them all?

Selflessness is the virtue that makes the world shine;

It is what produces the most beautiful minds.

Humbleness also comes into play,

To form the great heroes who save the day.

Their power of love changes the world's hearts,

Influencing people to begin new starts.

Their brave resolve to fight the wicked lies

Is what immortalizes them and forever ties

Them into the walls of the Halls of Fame.

No matter what background, their purpose the same;

To harmonize the world, place the lion with the lamb

And so was the mission of Rev. Billy Graham.