A bit about me!

Oct 3, 2008, 6:44 PM |

Hey guys!

I'm Jasmine Awsome and I am a absolute FREAK about chess. ( haha even I admitted it myself!) Go anyone who is a nerd because nerd are totally awesome ( except for the fact that most of them wear glasses). I might not be good at chess but hey I'm not just a pretty face!

i am soo into karate too!

And i like soccer its one of a my passions just like the bratz have a passion for fashion (WADEVER!) I have a passion for soccer!

I am a pretty fluent piano player I am getting better.

i can at least read music!

I haven't exactly done any exams but yeah!

Well I will be posting some more things but until then farewell!

PS: if I have a question and you have a answer please give me a handy pointer!

many thanks,

Jasmine Awsome!