Bit of focus from would be great

Apr 19, 2016, 11:44 AM |

This is an awesome site. Love it to pieces. About time though that Jay and Erik turn some attention to making the team interface and tools better.

1. The 'Post Note' thing cuts off long text. It does so without warning nor indication that you are getting to the end of your text stream. Likely this is a limitation applied to the data field. Am sure some tech guru could quickly fix this. Alternatively provide for character indicator showing how many characters we have left.

2. The whole single line typing is really irritating. Write something longer than a few sentences and try rereading what you have written. Multiline or larger text interface. Easy fix.

3. Teams are playing ladders. There is no formal way to do this. Thus they do it via text updates. Why? Why not make a rich interface with proper ladder rankings and changes?

4. There used be a link where we could send in our suggestions without having to revert to blog post? Can we not have it again?