The opportunity to fxck up

Sep 25, 2011, 10:56 PM |

I think sometimes chess players at a club level of chess too often treat themselves as masters. How many times I have played someone who makes a massive blunder and then resigns thinking that I have spotted it or pissed off that he made it. Today was case in point. Was playing a guy at my level, he moves a rook into a position that was covered by my rook and my queen, had i noticed it the game would of rapidly ended but he resigned without even determining whether i noticed it or not. Fact of the matter is that when he resigned I wasnt even looking at taking his rook, I was thinking about moving my rook to cover.

Of course nobody wants to win by luck, we all want to play like masters but the reality is that many many many games are won by our opponents mistakes, blunders and innacuracies and if you dont allow them the opportunity to make them you may never reap the reward of a recovered sad position. I think to summarise, Napoleon Bonaparte said it best," Never interrupt your enemy while they are making a mistake."